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  2. I'm doing a volunteer job building a website for a non-profit and I remember there being a free very basic donation app. I was hoping to get it for the website. Did you stop developing it? Thank you. :)
  3. Yesterday
  4. how to fix these task from my cpanel any help and thanks for you
  5. No submit perm error

    Changed Status to Fixed
  6. Two new bugs

    Changed Status to Fixed
  7. Two new bugs

    Table should now show all form logs. Unapproved notification email removed. New "Moderate new logs?" form option added.
  8. New Releases (March 2018)

    Hey just a little note... 4.3 is out... :)
  9. Last week
  10. Reply to existing topic

    I'll still leave this confirmed as the settings should be separated for those who will be using the post reply.
  11. Reply to existing topic

    Sorry for my late reply. That fixed it. But honestly it's misleading us since it doesnt really create a new topic though.. Eitherway, enabling "Create Topic" and "Create own Topic" fixed it. http://prntscr.com/j5hvnq
  12. Earlier
  13. Missing translation

    Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Landing page which tab to show first

    Changed Status to Fixed
  15. Quick add vs Continue

    Changed Status to Closed
  16. Changed Status to Fixed
  17. Remove old index template

    Changed Status to Fixed
  18. Promote button

    Changed Status to Fixed
  19. Video

    Changed Status to Fixed
  20. uncaught_exception

    Changed Status to Fixed
  21. IPB 4.3 compatibility

    Changed Status to Fixed
  22. IPB 4.3 compatibility

    Add IPB 4.3 compatibility. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/444047-43-developer-notes/
  23. Urls not working after garage import

    Changed Status to Fixed
  24. Urls not working after garage import

    Garage import has been improved so that the furl changes should be applied properly.
  25. Thumbnail view category

    Changed Status to Fixed
  26. Thumbnail view category

    New thumbnail/list options added to item list and view category pages.
  27. Yes it is working... :)
  28. I applied the changes... I will monitor closely ... :)
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