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    MrOneCall of FGN
    • Closed IP.Board Version: IP.Board 4.2.x

    The slider is only showing a max of 2 featured videos.......

    There isn't a option that is see to make it 1 or what number you want

    so i'm guessing it should be showing how ever many is featured?

    also....the slider is a auto slider? So that means it should be auto sliding back and forth between the featured videos......it slides one time, and then stops

    I have flipped my custom theme to default IPS theme, and it still does both of what i have posted

    i have disabled all 3rd party apps and plugins.....still does the same

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    It should be showing at random 5 videos, regardless of how many total videos are featured. Are all the videos you featured approved?

    Yes it should be auto sliding to each video, this is part of IPB itself and uses the same featured slider that features in the Downloads app for example.

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    its not

    I have all the videos Featured that i want

    It literally only shows the First one, and the most recent featured one

    and it slides one time, then stops, i refresh, it slides one time

    Also, for some reason, the vid.me and twitch videos are not connecting when featured....even if i take off all YouTube featured ones, they still wont show in the slider

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    Firstly just rule out any database issue. Can you run this query in your SQL Tool box or phpMyAdmin and see how many results there are?

    SELECT * FROM videos_videos WHERE featured=1

    Secondly what do you currently have set for the "Featured" section in your Videos settings? I want to see if I can reproduce this locally.

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