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Form Manager v1.0.3

Standard License - $34.00

  • 12 months free software upgrades/support
  • 2 day business day ticket response
  • Free installs and upgrades
  • One active and one test installation
  • Optional 6 or 12 month discounted renewal

Description: Setup multiple forms with the ability to for pm, email or topic alerts when new form submissions are made. Also included is the ability to add custom fields for each form.
View demo here:

Feature list:
  • Optional confirmation email to let members know there message was received.
  • Per form option to add attachments. Including options based at member group level.
  • Send reply emails within the Form Manager
  • Quick preview feature for form logs.
  • Per form option for rules or instructions for each form.
  • Submit time wait feature, set how long each member group must wait before resubmitting a form.
  • Per form permissions for who can view and submit to a form. And also who can view any form logs.
  • Per member group option to bypass captcha.
  • Per form option to send out personal messages when new form submissions are made.
  • Per form option to send out emails when new form submissions are made.
  • Per form option to create a forum topic when new form submissions are made.

Custom Fields:
Allows you to quickly and effortlessly add custom fields to the contact system without the need to edit source code. Supported field types include:Text Input, Dropdown Box,  Multi-Select Dropdown, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Text Area, Password and RTE Editor

Requirements: IP.Board 3.2.x, 3.3.x & 3.4.x - PHP 5.1+ - MySQL 4.1+ - Read full requirements here.


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