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Birthday Greeter v1.4.2

Standard License - $14.00

  • 12 months free software upgrades/support
  • 2 day business day ticket response
  • Free installs and upgrades
  • One active and one test installation
  • Optional 6 or 12 month discounted renewal

Birthday greeting system that sends out birthday greetings to your members via personal messages, email and birthday topics when it is a members birthday.

  • Exclude member groups such as Banned and Validating from receiving birthday greetings.
  • Optional customizable birthday greetings via email.
  • Smart quick tags allow you to send out birthday greetings with information such as Board Name, Member's Name and Age.
  • Optional widget that lists the members celebrating their birthday each day.
  • Optional customizable birthday greetings via IPB personal message system.
  • Choose to pin or close new birthday topics created.
  • Option to include all birthday users each day in 1 topic, instead of 1 topic per members birthday.
  • Create optional customizable birthday topics.
  • Create new birthday topics or add replies to a "birthday topic" when there is a members birthday.

Requirements: IP.Board 4.1.x - PHP 5.5+ - MySQL 5.5+ - Read full requirements here. The IP.Board 3.4.x version will be offered as an extra download and remain supported until IPS makes IP.Board 3.4 end of life.

(View full change log)v1.4.2 (1 February 2016) Change log

Fix for save settings error and addition of hover profile card to username links. See full list of bug fixes here.

(View full change log)v1.4.1 (1 November 2015) Change log

IP.Board 4.1 support and a few minor bug fixes. See full list of bug fixes here.

(View full change log)v1.4.0 Change log

Upgrade for the IP.Board 4.0 version.


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