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Welcome to DevFuse, we have many products to enhance your forum. DevFuse is a provider of IP.Board (IPB) applications, hooks, mods and services. What is IP.Board? Find out more about IP.Board here.

IP.Board Articles

View our IP.Board (IPB) tutorials and guides. From installing hooks to product documentation. Whether you are new to IP.Board (IPB) or are looking to expand your IPB knowledge.

IP.Board Applications & Hooks

DevFuse specializes in IP.Board (IPB) applications and hooks.

Enhance your forums with IP.Board (IPB) applications, hooks and modifications. We have both free and premium addons. Make your forum stand out and provide additional features for your IP.Board (IPB) community. View some of our featured products below.
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Some of our featured IP.Board (IPB) Applications & Hooks. (View All Products)
Need something on IP.Board (IPB) that we don't have? Contact us to suggest an idea or request a custom product.

Calendar Topics

Create a discussion topic for new calendar events. Allowing your community to discuss events.